Selective Verification Policy

Taking into consideration more frequent cases of server orders (both VDS and dedicated ones) for illegal purposes (botnet controller, malware, spam, etc.), our company is forced to announce the start of a selective client identification aimed at preventing our company’s IP networks being added to blacklists .

The selection principle

Having analyzed all the problematic orders we had during the current and previous year, we have designed an algorithm that we will not disclose for obvious reasons. It allows us to detect suspicious accounts that require verification.

Client verification procedure

If you received a letter regarding the necessity to identify your account, you need to follow these steps:

1. Make a photo of any document, confirming your identity ( personal ID, driver’s license etc ), against the main page of our site. Note! Name, surname, stamp and other data must be visible. If necessary you can put a watermark on screenshot, but it shouldn’t hide any needed information.

2. Provide us with your phone number in the international format. We’ll reach out to you.

In case you refuse to provide us with the data that will help us identify you or you fail to provide this data within 24 hours (in exceptional cases, Webcloud reserves the right to pause your order before 24 hours are over), we reserve the right to block your order and delete it after 72 hours.

The refund is possible on the general Offer terms.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if the client verification is initiated after we receive a complaint about the server, we detect suspicious activities on the server or in other exceptional cases, such as, for instance, the connection of the client’s account to other accounts that were used for the purposes that are against Webcloud terms of use, participating in the verification procedure is obligatory. The refund is done as deemed appropriate by the company’s management.

When registering on our service, you affirm that you accept our terms and that you have read them. If you are not satisfied with our terms and conditions and/or our security policy, we recommend you to abstain from using our services. No complaints based on the fact that you haven’t read our terms and conditions and place an order knowingly violating them will not be taken into consideration.

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