Server administration

WEBCLOUD PRO OÜ provides two types of server administration for our clients who have ordered the VDS or Dedicated service:

– Basic administration for free;
– Hour-based administration.

With our free basic administration, our specialists solve most issues that our clients may encounter. According to our own stats, this type of server administration covers the needs in server-side maintenance for more than 95% of our clients.

Free basic server administration includes:

1. Reacting to a ticket within 30 minutes 24/7/365. Issues are solved on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
2. Initial OS installation, as well as the installation of ISPmanager control panel (if this service was ordered), with the settings that our company defined based on our extensive experience and that meet the needs of the majority of our clients.
3. Updating the OS and server software installed on the server using the standard repositories upon the client’s request or the company’s initiative if needed.
4. Help in detecting and resolving issues in the main services’ operations (Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Proftpd, Bind, Postfix, Exim or Sendmail).
5. Implementing the changes in certain parameters in the configuration server files as stated by the client or changing the settings to the ones requested by the client.
6. Resetting the root password in the case of its loss.
7. Installing PHP extensions from standard repositories.
8. Scanning the client’s websites with anti-virus software (Clamav, Ai-Bolit) upon the client’s request.
9. Performing website transfer from other hosting providers.
10. Other works as deemed necessary by WEBCLOUD PRO OÜ specialists.

The operations within the free basic server administration are done under the following conditions:
1. The VDS or Dedicated service is active.
2. ISPmanager control panel is installed from the repository of WEBCLOUD PRO OÜ.
3. Administration is done exclusively on the servers ordered from WEBCLOUD PRO OÜ.
4. The installed OS is Linux.

All operations not included in the free basic server administration are paid for based on the hourly rate of €20, with the minimum payment being €10.

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